10 Uses for Cohesive Bandage, Part One

We’ve written before about how useful cohesive bandage is as a sports strapping tape, so we wanted to show you some specific examples of how to use it. Whether you’re a prop forward or a crown-green bowls player, this stuff can help you tape up your niggles. So read on for part one of our completely unscientific round-up of the top ten sporting uses for cohesive bandage.

Wrist Support Wrap Cohesive Bandage

Wrist Support Taping with Cohesive Bandagge

1. Wrist Support Wrap

The wrist takes a lot of punishment in sport, whether this is due to repetitive movements and impact forces like in tennis or just from breaking a fall with the hands. For most cases of minor wrist injury, the treatment is usually ice followed by support taping. Cohesive bandage is excellent for this purpose. You can simply wrap it around the wrist, adding layers until you have the desired level of support and compression, or you can make a figure-of-8 wrap to include the thumb (as pictured) for greater security. Rugby players might want to add an extra wrap of PVC tape on top to make absolutely sure it stays on, but for most situations this is not necessary – cohesive bandage is unlikely to come off unless it is deliberately unwrapped or forcefully pulled on.

Cold Compression Cohesive Bandage

Ice Pack Retention with Cohesive Bandage

2. Ice Pack Wrap

For many sprains, strains and bruises, the first step of treatment is to get the injury on ice to numb the pain and keep down swelling. However, sitting around holding on an ice pack is not at the top of anyone’s to-do list and will lead to an uneccessarily cold hand. The solution is to strap the ice pack on with cohesive bandage, giving you an instant, improvised, cold compression wrap.

Rugby Ear Tape Cohesive Bandage

Ear Taping with Cohesive Bandage

3. Ear Tape

Cohesive bandage is the intelligent choice for ear taping because it won’t stick to your hair and thus obviates the need to muck around with a pre-taping underwrap. Simply wrap the cohesive bandage around your head, press the layers together and tape over with PVC tape. Because cohesive bandage is soft and absorbent, this taping technique can also be worn as a surprisingly effective sweatband by those who don’t mind looking like an idiot.

Boxing Hand Wrap Cohesive Bandage

A Boxer’s Hand Wrap with Cohesive Bandage

4. Boxing Hand Wrap

Typically, boxers make their competition wraps from some combination of an open-weave bandage, squares of gauze and zinc oxide tape. However, we have heard it mentioned that cohesive bandage could also be used in hand wraps, so we decided to try it out. I used cohesive bandage to wrap my hand (pictured) with the same criss-cross pattern I use for my training wraps, and the result was solid and supportive without being too bulky. Try it, you might like it.

Finger Tape

Finger Protection Taping with Cohesive Bandage

5. Finger Protection Tape

This is a great one for goalies. Just wrap cohesive bandage a couple of times around any of your vulnerable fingers, and there you go. It will help support and protect your fingers from hyperextension. Don’t pay more for the so-called ‘goalkeeper tape’ – it’s exactly the same stuff as normal cohesive bandage.

Onwards to Part Two!  Or click here to shop our range of cohesive bandages.

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