Free Mueller Tuffner Pre-Tape Spray

Here is a superb giveaway sure to please rugby clubs and other heavy users of strapping tapes. Until March 16th 2015, we’re offering a free can of Mueller Tuffner Pre-Tape Spray with cases of selected EAB and Zinc Oxide Tape.

To claim your free can of Mueller Tuffner all you need to do is buy 3 or more cases of the following types of tape:

The free Mueller Tuffner will be added to your order automatically when you add 3 or more cases of any of the above tapes to your shopping basket. It couldn’t be easier.  What’s more, we’re giving away the large-sized 283g can of the spray; no half measures here!

Any order containing at least 3 cases of these tapes will also qualify for free UK delivery, so you’ve got a double win on your hands.

Mueller Tuffner is a very handy product for use with sports strapping.  It is a spray-on adhesive that coats the skin in a sticky film to improve the adhesion of sports tapes.  It makes any tape job much less likely to slip off.  The adhesive in Mueller Tuffner is also a little bit more water resistant than the adhesive on most strapping tapes, which makes it very helpful when you need to play or train in bad weather.  We normally retail this product for £9, so this offer is a nice little saving.  If you’d like to know about more about Mueller Tuffner, you can view it in our online shop.

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