AED Training

If you’ve got an automated external defibrillator, you’ll probably also need some training to ensure you can use it competently and confidently in an emergency. Physical Sports First Aid has partnered with a leading training provider to offer defibrillator operator courses.

A trainer can visit you, anywhere in the UK, and deliver a course on your premises.  Up to 12 people can attend each class, and the cost is only £300 + VAT.  For full details and to book the training course, see the Defibrillator Training section of our online shop. The course grants a nationally-recognized certificate.

This training course is the ideal complement for any of our AED bundles or AED rental packages for sports clubs, workplaces and other organizations.

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One comment on “AED Training
  1. iqfirstaid says:

    Thank you for sharing this important information.
    Human life is very precious, but we don’t even care that much because we are too busy in our hectic schedule and that’s why we face extreme level of FIRST AID situations.
    We need to learn at least simple first aid techniques and believe it helps you to save your and others life. There are many training provider or you can also learn some simple techniques from youtube.

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