Medichill Cool Cubes in Stock

Medichill Cool Cubes provide a safe, easy and versatile way of applying a hot or cold pack that will fit virtually any body part. They’re great for soft tissue injuries, burns, pain and stiffness. Read on to find out how they work and see suggestions for how to use them to treat some common sports injuries.

What are Medichill Cool Cubes?

Medichill Cool Cubes Soak up Water | Physical Sports First AIdThe Medichill Cool Cube hot and cold packs are flat sheets containing cells that swell up when the sheet is soaked in water. The cells absorb the water and lock it in (see diagram). Then to use the sheet all you need to do is heat or chill it depending on whether you want hot or cold therapy. The sheet can be applied directly to the injury and can be cut to the right size with scissors. Because the material between the cells remains flexible even if you freeze the sheet, you can mould it around any body part. The sheets are reusable, but we don’t recommend that you re-use the same sheet on more than one person.

We sell Medichill Cool Cubes in three different sheet-sizes: 15cm x 13cm, 22cm x 13cm and 46cm x 20cm. They come in packs of 10, and you can buy them here.

Here are various ways you could use Medichill Cool Cubes to treat some common sports injuries:

Nosebleed Cold Pack

Icing a Nosebleed with Medichill Cool Cubes | Physical Sports First AIdIf you’ve got a bloody nose, applying cold to it is a great way of reducing the pain and slowing the bleeding. However, it is often difficult to find a cold pack of the right size and shape. Medichill Cool Cubes solve this problem. Just cut a single strip of cells from a sheet, and hold it on the bridge of the nose as pictured.

We don’t recommend using the cool cubes frozen for a nosebleed – it would feel far too intense! Instead, when you hydrate the sheet first let the tap run for a few seconds so the water is nice and cold. Then apply the Cool Cubes without any further refrigeration.

Lower Back Hot and Cold Pack

Hot or Cold Pack for BAck with Medichill Cool Cubes | Physical Sports First AidFor this you need to use a single large –sized sheet of Cool Cubes. Heat it or refrigerate it according to your requirements, and then apply it to the affected area of the back. Wrap it on to your body using cohesive bandage (as pictured) and you’ll be able to move around without it falling off. It is a simple and effective way of providing much-needed relief from back pain.

Icing the Hamstring

Hamstring Cold Pack With Medichill Cool Cubes | Phsical Sports First AidHamstring strains need to be iced as one of the first steps of treatment. Medichill Cool Cubes are particularly good for this because a single medium or large-sized sheet can provide full coverage of the entire area. Simply wrap a cold or frozen sheet around the back of the leg, and fix it on using cohesive bandage. As usual, you should apply cold for a max of about 20 minutes at a time, and always let the area return to normal body temperature before applying the cold again.


Finger Cold Pack

Finger injuries are pretty common, and often cause a disproportionate amount of pain and swelling. You can easily treat these symptoms by wrapping the injured finger in a single strip of frozen or chilled Cool Cubes, as pictured. Keep the Cool Cubes in place by taping them on with microporous tape or cohesive bandage.

Finger Cold Pack with Medichill Cool CUbes | Physical Sports First Aid

Wrist Cold Pack

Sprained wrists are a doddle to ice with Cool Cubes. Just wrap the wrist in a cold sheet of Cool Cubes and strap it on with cohesive bandage. Job done.
Wrist Cold Pack with Medichill Cool Cubes | Physical Sports First Aid

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