Sun Awareness

Picture of a big, bright sun

Repeated sunburn greatly increases your risk of developing skin cancer. Therefore, it is important to protect your skin and to avoid overexposure to the sun. Read on for more info on how to guard against sunburn… Read more ›

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How to Heat a Gel Hot Pack

Hot/Cold Gel Pack on a Microwave Turntable

Gel hot and cold packs are extremely handy for providing hot and cold therapy to soft tissue injuries. Chilling them is very easy, but heating them safely requires just a little more care. Read on for our guide to warming up a gel pack…

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How to use Hydrogel


Hydrogel is an excellent first aid product for the treatment of minor burns, scalds and certain types of abrasions and friction injuries. Read on for more information on how best to use it.

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How to Apply a Fingertip Plaster

A photograph of a fingertip plasters held in a person's hand

Fingertip plasters are specially-shaped plasters designed to protect minor wounds to the end of the finger. They look like the outline of a butterfly or bow tie, and are applied differently to a normal plaster. Here is the technique:
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First Aid for Minor Burns

Burn on an arm 600px

When a burn or scald occurs, the importance of rapid, appropriate first aid cannot be overemphasized. Acting quickly and effectively to treat a burn or scald will help to prevent further tissue damage. If the site of the burn isn’t cooled quickly the tissue damage can extend to deeper layers, increasing the severity of the wound and prolonging healing.
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