Sport-Related Eye Injuries

Rugby Player Receiving First Aid for Eye Injury

Eye injuries are a risk when playing sports, particularly sports involving balls, body contact, or exposure to the sun. All eye injuries require immediate first aid. Read more ›

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Finger First Aid with Cohesive Bandage

Cohesive Bandage Retaining a Dressing on a Finger

Finger injuries happen all the time, everywhere from the kitchen to the sports field. Aside from the humble sticky plaster, one of the most useful medical products for finger first aid is a roll of 2.5cm cohesive bandage. This article provides just a few examples of how it can be used.
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Cohesive Bandage Wrist Wrap

Cohesive Bandage Wrist Wrap Step 8

This wrist wrap technique with cohesive bandage is a quick and easy way of treating a mild wrist sprain. It provides compression and support to protect the injury, while maintaining function in the hand.
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Travel Medical Kits

Travel Medical Packs | Physical Sports First Aid

When we travel, we all know it is a good idea to remember our medications and pack some basic first aid supplies. For many popular destinations in Europe and North America this is all you need to look after yourself – the local hospitals can take care of any big problems. But what happens if you face more serious medical issues while visiting a place without a modern health service?
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How to Apply a Fingerbob Bandage

A picture of a blue Fingerbob bandage applied to a finger

Fingerbobs (aka Fingerbuddies) are a very handy way of applying tubular bandage to protect a finger injury. Fingerbobs are much easier and faster to use than standard tubular bandage. Here’s how to apply one… Read more ›

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