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How to Use Foam Underwrap

Need to use sports strapping tape, but find the adhesive irritates your skin? Foam underwrap might help – here’s how to use it!

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How to Tear Zinc Oxide Tape

Struggling to tear your zinc oxide tape? Our simple instructions and example video have got you covered!

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Cohesive Bandage Wrist Wrap

Cohesive Bandage Wrist Wrap Step 8

This simple cohesive bandage wrist wrapping technique is ideal for mild wrist sprains. See step-by-step instructions and detailed photographs on the Physical Sports First Aid blog.

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Coloured Zinc Oxide Tape: 15% Discount

15% Discount on Cases of Coloured Zinc Oxide Tape | Physical Sports First Aid

Buy our superb quality coloured zinc oxide sports tape for as little £1.70 per roll with an exclusive discount code.

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Shoulders and Upper Back Kinesiology Tape

Sore traps? Stiff neck? Check this kinesio tape technique for the upper back, neck and shoulders. Instructions + pictures from Physical Sports First Aid.

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