How to Use Foam Underwrap

Foam underwrap applied to a wrist

Foam underwrap is a thin foam tape intended to be applied as a base layer between the skin and strapping tapes. Its primary purpose is to protect the skin from rubbing and irritation.

  1. Wrap the area you intend to tape in the underwrap – a single layer is usually enough.
  2. Foam underwrap has no stick at all but does cling lightly to itself. If you struggle with it, try some pre-tape adhesive or a thin smear of petroleum jelly to give it some tack.
  3. The underwrap does not need to be tight but try to keep it close to the skin without any slack (as pictured.)
  4. Once the area is wrapped, apply the strapping tape on top. (You need to get this part right first time, because if you pull back the tape the underwrap will tear away with it.)
  5. Once the tape job is complete, you can tear or cut away any excess underwrap which protrudes at the edges.

One big advantage of using underwrap under strapping tape is that it makes removal of the tape easy and painless. Because the tape does not actually adhere to the skin itself, you can easily slide the blunt arm of a pair of scissors under the tape job and cut it away.

Other Uses for Foam Underwrap

If you twist a length of underwrap into a cord, as pictured…

Pictured of foam underwrap corded so it can be knotted

…you can then tie a knot in it:

Picture of a foam underwrap loop

It’s a not a very strong material but it’s good enough to temporarily tie on ice packs or even shin pads. You could even use it as an alternative to sock tape. Reportedly, some people also use it as an improvised hairband or sweatband.

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