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What Should a Sports First Aid Kit Contain?

A Sports First Aid Kit

What should an adequate sports first aid kit contain? Here’s our suggested list!

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First Aid for Snow Sports

If you’re planning to go skiing or snowboarding, it is worth being prepared for any minor injuries you may suffer. Here are some tips from the experts at Physical Sports First Aid.

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First Aid Dressings Explained

Nurse applying wound dressing to a person

Wound dressings are THE essential items for your first aid kit. Read now to learn about the basic types of dressing and how to use them.

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Sport-Related Eye Injuries

Rugby Player Receiving First Aid for Eye Injury

Eye injuries are a risk in sport. Here’s a run-down of the most common types of sport-related eye injury, how to provide basic first aid for them and how to decide if hospital treatment is necessary.

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Finger First Aid with Cohesive Bandage

Cohesive Bandage Retaining a Dressing on a Finger

One of the most useful medical products for finger injuries is a roll of 2.5cm cohesive bandage – it’s great for quick-fix first aid. Here are some examples of how to use it, with full instructions and pictures.

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