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Finger First Aid with Cohesive Bandage

Cohesive Bandage Retaining a Dressing on a Finger

One of the most useful medical products for finger injuries is a roll of 2.5cm cohesive bandage – it’s great for quick-fix first aid. Here are some examples of how to use it, with full instructions and pictures.

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Travel Medical Kits

Travel Medical Packs | Physical Sports First Aid

Travelling to a remote area, crisis zone or less developed country? Consider taking some basic medical equipment. Here is some advice on what to choose.

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How to Apply a Fingerbob Bandage

A picture of a blue Fingerbob bandage applied to a finger

Fingerbobs (aka Fingerbuddies) are a great little bandage for finger injuries. Here’s a quick photo guide on how to use them.

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How to Heat a Gel Hot Pack

Hot/Cold Gel Pack on a Microwave Turntable

Learn how to safely warm up a gel pack for hot therapy. Pictures and full instructions at the Physical Sports First Aid blog.

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How to use Hydrogel

Learn all about the different types of hydrogel liquids and dressings and how to use them when providing first aid for burns. Instructions and advice from Physical Sports First Aid.

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