How to Apply a Fingerbob Bandage

Fingerbobs (aka Fingerbuddies) are a very handy way of applying tubular bandage to protect a finger injury. Fingerbobs are much easier and faster to use than standard tubular bandage. Here’s how to apply one…

A Fingerbob is supplied rolled up from both ends, with the rolls meeting in the middle so it looks like two adjacent rings of tubular bandage, as pictured:A blue Fingerbob before application

Step 1

Place one ring of the fingerbob on the tip of your finger like this.

Step 1 of Fingerbob application

Step 2

Roll that ring all the way down your finger to enclose your finger in the bandage:

Step 2 of Fingerbob application

Step 3

Grip the other ring (the one you did not roll down in the previous step) and twist it round once or twice as if unscrewing a bottle cap:Step 3 of Fingerbob application

Step 4

Now roll that ring down your finger too. That’s it!Step 4 of Fingerbob application

If you’d like to buy some Fingerbobs for your first aid kit, we sell them here. We supply them in two different sizes: standard and large. Both sizes are available in white, for general first aid use, and in blue to suit catering environments. We used blue Fingerbobs in this blog post because they show up better in photos, but the white ones work in exactly the same way. If finger injuries are a regular problem, you might want to check out our Finger Injuries First Aid Kit too!Completed Fingerbob Application

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