Gloves for First Aid

Wherever possible gloves should be worn when providing first aid to protect you and your patient from infection: unpleasant diseases can be transmitted by body fluids such as blood. However, a variety of different medical gloves are available. Here’s a run-down of the three main types – latex, nitrile and vinyl gloves – to help you choose the one that is right for you. Read more ›

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Neo G Supports Now Available

Neo G Supports Available | Physical Sports First Aid

Physical Sports First Aid now stocks a selected range of supports and braces from Neo G. These high-quality supports are all approved medical devices and are designed to give you the best in support and protection for sports injuries. View the range here.

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Coloured Zinc Oxide Tape: 15% Discount

15% Discount on Cases of Coloured Zinc Oxide Tape | Physical Sports First Aid

Get a 15% discount on boxes of Physical Sports Tape, our premium zinc oxide strapping tape available in a range of colours.  Just enter the coupon code Z3YXY1BV at checkout when shopping in our online store. Read more ›

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Shoulders and Upper Back Kinesiology Tape

If you suffer from persistent soreness or stiffness in the upper back, neck and shoulders it’s probably a good idea to think about your posture and adjust it. For instance, changing the way you sit to eliminate hunching when working at a desk often helps. But as a short term fix, you could also use this kinesiology taping technique that is suggested for the relief of stiffness in the shoulders and upper back.  This taping technique is also recommended for minor injuries to the trapezius muscles. Read more ›

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AED Training

AED Training | Physical Sports First Aid

If you’ve got an automated external defibrillator, you’ll probably also need some training to ensure you can use it competently and confidently in an emergency. Physical Sports First Aid has partnered with a leading training provider to offer defibrillator operator courses. Read more ›

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