Kinesiology Taping Techniques – Free Poster

Click to download our free kinesiology taping techniques poster.

As you must be aware by now, those strips of coloured tape you see stuck to athletes on television are something called kinesiology tape. It is an increasingly popular kind of tape used by sports people to support injuries and help their rehabilitation. We’re definitely seeing a lot of people buying it through our website, and the Internet is buzzing with discussion about how to apply it, how it works or even if it works at all. Here are some of the various benefits the advocates of kinesiology tape say it offers:

  • It provides mechanical support to injuries
  • It can be used to unload joints, muscles and tendons and correct misalignments
  • The tape lifts the surface of the skin to improve blood flow and drainage in the area, which it is claimed can speed healing
  • The physical sensation of wearing the tape improves proprioception – that is, the athelete remains more consciously aware of the position of the limb and is therefore more likely to move it in a correct, controlled manner
  • Some manufacturers of kinesiology tape – for instance Rocktape – also claim that their tape can improve overall endurance and performance
Kinetic Tape

Kinetic Tape: a great value line of kinesiology tape available in our online shop for just £4.99 per roll.

Kinesiology tape is a fairly new product and we’re not yet aware of any good quality trial data to support these claims, so it is up to you to decide for yourself whether they sound credible. However, a lot anecdotal feedback has emerged from physios and individual sports people who say they’ve used kinesiology tape and seen it make a real difference. If these people are right, it would be a great thing because kinesiology tape is comfortable, waterproof, breathable and hypoallergenic, and if you apply it correctly it will stick for days on end without peeling off. Add all of these benefits to the fact that you can pick up a roll of the stuff for less than £5, and it’s easy to see why so many people have started to use it.

This is all very well, but you do need to know how to use it properly and there seem to be thousands of recommended techniques for applying it to various parts of the body to treat various different injuries. It would be impossible to even scratch the surface in a blog post, but to get you started we’ve designed a poster that describes some of the basic taping techniques. You can click here to download the electronic version of our kinesiology taping poster, but we’ll also give you a free paper copy with any purchase of kinesiology tape from our website. The poster is A3 size, so it is big enough to stick on your wall and use as a handy reference chart whenever you need to apply tape.

One last special offer for you – until December 31st, if you buy some of our best-selling brand of kinesiology tape, Kinetic Tape, we’ll give you a free pair of stainless steel medical scissors to help you cut it to shape.

Click here to visit the kinesiology tape section of our online shop. Happy taping!

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