Choosing Sports Supports & Braces

A good quality support or brace is often the best way to protect a sports injury from aggravation as you recover. A support or brace is technically known as an orthosis (plural: orthoses). An orthosis can reduce pain and improve healing by providing mechanical support to the injury. But to get the most out of an orthosis, it must fit you correctly and be comfortable. Here are some tips to help you chose the right support online…

  1. Follow the sizing instructions and choose accordingly. You may need to measure yourself – do not guess. An orthosis that is too large will not correctly support the injury, while one that is too tight may cause constriction.
  2. Consider the price: some cheaply-manufactured supports may feature rough seams and hard edges that may not be immediately obvious but can cause rubbing and sores.
  3. Think about the level of movement you need to maintain. For instance, if you only have a minor sprain there is no point buying a brace that completely immobilises it: the inconvenience of loosing function in the affected limb will outweigh any possible healing benefits. (Most of the supports we sell are sport-specific and are designed to maintain functional movement.)
  4. Get the basics right first. For an acute injury, follow standard first aid procedures. Ice the injury and keep it rested and elevated as much as possible for the first 48 hours before deciding whether you need a brace.
Actimove GenuStep Knee Brace

Wrecked your knee? No problem. With an Actimove support you too can look as happy about it as this silver fox.

With the above in mind, we have recently introduced a range of premium-quality, Actimove supports from BSN medical to our online shop. Actimove products are manufactured from high-quality materials and are designed to provide a precise, anatomical fit for great comfort and support. In fact, some of them come in up to seven different size variations so you can be confident we have got one that will fit you well.

One further piece of good news: for the whole of the summer, we are selling all Actimove supports at a 15% discount so you can get the best quality support at the best possible price. Click here to see all our Actimove supports, or click here to browse our entire range of supports and braces.

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