New Kinesiology Tape: Leukotape K

We are happy to introduce a new product to our kinesiology tape range: Leukotape K from BSN Medical. This is a very high-quality tape, so if you’re a kinesiology fan you may want to try it out – especially as we’ve got it on special offer at the moment! Read on to find out a little more about what sets it apart…

Leukotape K Kinesiology Tape ApplicationLeukotape K has been available in Europe for some time, but has only recently made it to the UK. Its primary advantage is the quality and durability of its adhesive. Kinesiology tape is supposed to last for several days – or even up to a week – but regular users will know that this is not always achieved in practice. In particular, the cheapo tapes sold on Amazon and eBay tend to peel off pretty quickly even when they’re applied in the recommended way. With Leukotape K, you should have no such problems because the adhesive is extremely sticky. We were quite surprised by it when we opened our sample rolls in the office: the difference in stick between Leukotape K and other tapes is apparent from the moment you peel back the release paper.

In addition to its stick, Leukotape K is one of the few widely-available kinesiology tapes that comes in a full range of sizes. It is offered in 2.5cm, 5cm and 7.5cm widths, which opens up a whole gamut of advanced taping techniques as well reducing the need to faff around with scissors to cut narrower strips. If you’d like to see some of the ways you can use Leukotape K, take a look at the online application guide.

For a limited time only, Leukotape K is available in our online shop at a 20% introductory discount. Click here to buy.

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