New Sports-Specific First Aid Kits

Because different sports carry the risk of different kinds of injuries, we have developed a range of first aid kits aimed at specific sports.  We now offer first aid kits for rugby, football, cricket, hockey and netball.  Plus we have a great special offer for sports clubs looking to refresh their medical bags…

Netball First Aid Kit | Physical Sports

The Netball First Aid Kit

Each of our sports-specific first aid kit is based around a core of standard sports first aid items, but has added extras for the sport it is aimed at.  For instance our cricket first aid kit contains extra items to help you treat finger injuries, (which are very common in cricket especially later in summer once the field gets hard.)  The rugby kit, on the other hand, contains extra big plasters and adhesive dressings to reflect the much higher risk of cuts and wounds in rugby.

All of the kits are packed in the same great bag: it’s compact, highly-visible, waterproof and features very useful internal compartments.  It’s easy to carry around, and even has a belt loop so your first aider can attach it to him or herself.  Even if you put it down on the touchline, the bag’s striking, bright red colour means you won’t lose sight of it in an emergency.

Sports clubs who wish to refresh the first aid kits for some or all of their sides will be interested to know that we’re running a great special offer on these kits.  Whenever you buy four of them on our website, we’ll give you another absolutely free.  This represents a fantastic saving if you need to buy a number of kits.  Again, that’s ‘buy four, get one free’ on all our sports-specific first aid kits.

You can find all our sports-specific first aid kits, and many more kits, in the first aid kit section of our online shop.

Physical Sports Limited sells first aid and medical supplies for the treatment of sports injuries. | | 01943 662 155

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