New Back Braces

Lumbago? Herniated Disc? General back pain? Here’s some good news: Physical Sports First Aid has expanded its range of back supports!

The back braces section of our website now includes 5 new supports from Teyder, offering treatment options for anything from mild back ache up to more serious problems that require rigid stabilization and immobilization.

Teyder Sport One Lumbar SupportFor instance, if you sometimes suffer a stiff back following exercise you might want to try the Teyder Sport One Lumbar Support. This is a soft, belt-style support for the lower back to provide compression and light support to injuries in the lumbar or sacral region. It’s even supplied with a hot and cold pad, which is shaped to fit under the support so that you can ice acute pain or use warmth to soothe areas of stiffness.
Teyder Gold Dorsolumbar Support BeltAt the other end of the spectrum is the Teyder Gold Dorsolumbar Support. This is a full-height back brace that extends from the sacral region all the way up to the shoulder blades to provide advanced support for the whole lower and mid-back. It has a full-length, anatomically-shaped, rigid insert that runs up the back for comfortable and effective postural support.

All of our products can be ordered online, but if you have any questions about our range of back braces, please leave a comment below or contact us direct.

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