New Sports Physio Kit

Our new Sports Physio First Aid Kit is a boon for team physios and first aiders who need to perform quick-fix treatments and tape jobs on the pitchside.

The Sports Physio Kit contains a great selection of sports tape including cohesive bandage, PVC tape, zinc oxide tape, EAB and tearable EAB. So when you need to tape up something, or someone, all you need to do is reach into this bag. It also contains loads of instant cold packs so that you quickly ice soft tissue injuries. In addition to this, it features all the first aid basics like dressings, plasters and steri strips.

Sports Physio First Aid Kit | Physical Sports First Aid

The bag itself is a highly visible orange and has plenty of room for all the contents and other extras you may want to pack. It even features holders on the inside for drinks bottles or spray bottles. Unlike many other sports-style bags, this bag has a semi-rigid structure, so it always holds its shape even when it is open. This makes it very easy to reach into and grab exactly what you need when you’re working in a hurry.

The Sports Physio Kit costs £54.00 inc VAT and is available for purchase from our online shop.

Physical Sports Limited sells first aid and medical supplies for the treatment of sports injuries. | | 01943 662 155

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