New Finger Injuries First Aid Kit

Because finger injuries happen with such regularity in sport – especially cricket, netball and rugby, among others – it’s a good idea to make sure your team has a stock of first aid items to deal with the various sprains, dislocations, cuts and crush injuries you may encounter.

Unfortunately, finger-specific items tend not to feature in most standard first aid kits. With this in mind, we’ve put together a mini first aid kit dedicated to finger injuries featuring all the splints, tape, finger dressings and finger cold packs you need in one handy bag. Now there’s no excuse just to strap up an injured finger with electrician’s tape and hope for the best.

Our finger injuries kit retails for just £10.98 which represents a more than 20% saving over the cost of buying all the contents separately. And that’s before you even consider the cost of the rather tidy and convenient bag we pack it all in. The bag is a sturdy, water-resistant, zip-up pouch with a carry strap so it will keep all your finger first aid items safe and organized – much better than letting them rattle around in the bottom of your sports bag or main first aid kit!

Click here to view the finger injuries kit in the Physical Sports First Aid online shop, where you can find full details including a complete list of contents and can purchase through our secure online checkout. We also have a number of finger injury articles on our blog, with instructions and advice for various treatment and first aid techniques.

Physical Sports Limited sells first aid and medical supplies for the treatment of sports injuries. | | 01943 662 155

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