Silver Line Braces from Teyder now Available

Physical Sports First Aid is pleased to announce that we now stock the Silver Line of sports supports and braces from Teyder.  This is a great range of technically advanced, lightweight supports that are ideal for use during sport and exercise.

Ankle Brace from Teyder Silver Line

The Silver Line ankle brace.

Teyder’s Silver Line braces are all manufactured from a very high-quality knitted fabric, which means they’re robust enough for the demands of sport while remaining lightweight and breathable.  The level of compression is carefully controlled throughout the length of each brace due to Teyder’s use of advanced computer aided design and manufacturing techniques.  In practice, this means that the support and compression is focused around the joint where it is most needed, and eases off towards the ends of the brace so that it does not ‘dig in’ to the flesh or cause discomfort and marking.  Silver Line braces are extremely comfortable to wear, and their low-profile design also means they can be worn easily and discreetly under clothes and shoes.

Currently we offer five different Teyder Silver Line Braces:Teyder Silver Line Braces - Full Range

  • Ankle Brace with Stabiliser
  • Elbow Brace
  • Hand & Wrist Brace with Stabiliser for the metacarpal joints
  • Wrist Brace
  • Knee Brace with Stabilisers

Silver Line back and lumbar braces will also be available for purchase on our site shortly.

Teyder’s characteristic design flair and build quality is evident in all of the Silver Line braces – they are several cuts above what you would usually expect from an elasticated support. However, they provide even further value with the inclusion of an extra, removable compression strap with each brace.  This means that if you’re using the brace to treat an acute injury such as a sprain, you can target a precisely adjustable level of compression exactly where it is required to keep down the swelling.

We recommend the Silver Line braces for preventative use during sport or physical activities, as well as for the treatment of minor injuries such as grade 1 sprains or general pain and weakness resulting from overload or impact.  Under the direction of your doctor or physio, Silver Line braces are also suitable for certain rehabilitation and post-surgery uses where light support is required.

Click here to view the Silver Line range, or view our complete range of Teyder braces here.

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