Sport One Braces Now in Stock

Physical Sports First Aid now sells the Sport One line of sport supports and braces from Teyder. This excellent range of technical orthoses for sport combines support and compression with hot and cold therapy.

Each of the braces in the Sport One range is supplied with a specially-shaped hot and cold pad that can be positioned inside the brace to deliver hot or cold therapy directly to the site of injury. The pads contain a high-performance thermal gel, which can be very easily heated or cooled by placing the pad in a freezer or microwave oven. Once in place, the pads maintain their temperature for long enough to provide effective cryotherapy (cold) or thermotherapy (heat.)

The full Sport One range of bracesCurrently, we offer four different hot and cold therapy braces from the Sport One range:

  • Wrist Brace
  • Ankle Brace
  • Elbow Brace
  • Knee Brace

A back and lumbar brace will also be added to the range very shortly.

The Teyder Sport One braces are a one-size-fits-all range and they feature a strapping system with Velcro closures that allows the user to adjust the fit and level of compression to her or his own requirements. The braces are manufactured from polyamide, which looks similar to neoprene and has similar insulating properties. However, polyamide is a more breathable material and is kinder to the skin. (Some people are allergic to neoprene.) These properties mean the Sport One braces are very safe and comfortable to wear.

Sport One Knee Brace

Sport One Knee Brace with Hot/Cold Pad

Hot and cold therapy has a long history in sports medicine – in fact the combination of cold and compression, as provided by the Sport One braces, is an important element of the PRICE protocol for the treatment of soft tissue injuries. We recommend using these braces with the gel pad chilled for the treatment of acute injuries such as a new sprain, because the cold compression will help to reduce swelling and numb pain. In the recovery stage, you can continue to wear the brace for ongoing support, perhaps using the gel pad for bouts of heat therapy to soothe any residual stiffness.

Without the gel pad inserted, the Sport One braces are also highly suitable for use as a preventative brace during exercise because they are specifically designed to maintain full movement of the affected limb. Like all Teyder products, they were designed in collaboration with sportspeople and doctors to make sure they’re medically effective while remaining suitable for sport.

Click here to view the Sport One range, or check out our full range of Teyder braces here.

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