New Teyder Gold Line Braces now Available

Physical Sports First Aid is delighted to announce that it now stocks the ‘Gold Line’ range of medical braces from Teyder. This premium-quality line of reinforced, textile orthoses offers a great range of support and protection options for sports injuries.

The Teyder Gold Line is a range of very advanced, elasticated braces designed to provide compression, support and stabilisation to injuries. They’re constructed from a very high-quality fabric with reinforced panels for the ultimate in lightweight performance and durability. The braces are anatomically-shaped and are designed for functional recovery – so most of them allow you to maintain full, or nearly-full, movement.

Teyder Gold Line Braces on People Gold Line braces currently available for purchase from our online store are:

  • Wrist and Hand Brace with Palmar Stabiliser
  • Epicondylitis & Elbow Brace
  • Reinforced Knee Brace
  • Reinforced Knee Brace with Stabilisers
  • Articulated (Hinged) Knee Brace
  • Reinforced Ankle Brace

Three different Gold Line back and lumbar braces will also be made available shortly.

The Gold Line braces offer two key innovations that set them apart from other supports. The first is a removable strapping system that allows the user to target extra compression exactly where it is required.  The user can precisely control the level of compression and the point at which it is placed.

Gold Knee Brace PolyGel Support

The Gold Line Knee Brace features a PolyGel support to protect the patella.

The second innovation is the built-in PolyGel supports that feature in most of the braces. These are specially-shaped, slightly flexible pads situated at key points in the structure of the brace to provide extra protection. For instance, all the knee braces in the Gold Line have a PolyGel support shaped to fit around the kneecap to aid in correct patellar tracking. As another example, the Gold Line ankle brace has a support pad on the lateral side (the outside) to provide protection against ankle inversion, which often causes (or results from) a sprain.

Most of the Gold Line braces are entirely suitable for use during sport as protective supports. In fact, their strength, breathability and comfort make them ideal in this role. They are also suitable for the treatment of a range of mild to moderate acute injuries and instabilities, as well as various conditions causing joint pain. They may also be suitable for post-surgical or post-immobilisation use, depending on the particulars of the case. The main medical indications for each of the braces are described in the product listings in our online shop.

Click here to see the Gold Line range in full, or view all of our Teyder products here.

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