Patellar Ligament Taping

If you suffer from Jumper’s Knee, Osgood Schlatter’s Disease or Patellar Tendonitis, this easy taping technique – often called The Crystal Palace Wrap – can help relieve the pain. Here are full instructions on how to perform this technique.

The Crystal Palace Wrap is intended to treat minor injury or inflammation of the patellar ligament. The patellar ligament (sometimes called the patella tendon) joins the kneecap to the shin bone, and can come in for a lot of punishment in sport due to the repetitive stress of running, kicking and jumping. Minor injuries to the patellar ligament often manifest as pain and swelling that seems to emanate from just below the knee cap or the very top of the shin bone. If you experience such symptoms, this taping technique may help relieve the pain.

Equipment Required

Taping Instructions

  1. First prepare the EAB tape by unwinding a length from the roll. Split the end of the tape into two ‘tails’ by cutting or tearing it right down the middle (as pictured.) A split of 10-20cm should be enough.Patellar Ligament Taping Step 1 - Split the EAB
  2. Take each tail individually and twist it with your fingers until it forms a cord as pictured.Patellar Ligament Taping Step 2 - Twist the EAB into Cords
  3. Hold the cords parallel to each other and lay them across the knee, right on the soft area just below the knee cap. (This is easiest to do if you take your weight off the leg, and keep your knee slightly bent. Sitting down or leaning against a wall with your leg out in front of you and your heel on the floor is good.)Patellar Ligament Taping Step 3 - Wrap the Cords of EAB Below the Kneecap
  4. Keep some tension on the cords so they push into the flesh slightly, and wrap the tape around the back of the knee.Patellar Ligament Taping Step 4 - Tape Around the Knee with the EAB
  5. Continue wrapping the EAB tape around the front of the knee so that you tape over the cords. Again, keep some tension on the tape because the idea is to compress the inflamed ligament.Patellar Ligament Taping Step 5 - Circle the leg with the EAB and cover the cords.
  6. Having the circled the knee once or twice with the EAB tape, cut or tear it off and stick it down. That’s it.Patellar Ligament Taping Step 6 - Circle the Leg with EAB and finish.

Tip: Don’t apply the tape too tightly because it can become uncomfortable on the back of the knee. Ideally, try to apply the tape with a little less tension as you take it around the back of the knee, and a little more tension as you bring it around the front.

Another Tip: If you don’t want to use tape, we sell a specially made Knee Strap that will do the same job.

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2 comments on “Patellar Ligament Taping
  1. Sihle says:

    How long should the wrap be applied for?

    • We’d suggest just trying it during exercise or in response to immediate flare-ups of pain. If you find that you need it for longer – e.g. all day – then really you should seek professional medical rather than just slapdashing tape onto yourself.

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