Knee Pain Kinesio Taping

This kinesiology taping technique is claimed to help relieve pain in the front of knee. It is suggested by kinesio tape manufacturers to treat the symptoms of various knee conditions including patella tendonitis. Read on for step-by-step instructions with pictures.

Equipment Required


Before proceeding with these instructions, first follow all the instructions in our guide to kinesiology taping for quadriceps tendonitis. The quadriceps tendonitis technique (shown in black tape below) forms the first stage of this technique (shown in pink tape.)


Knee Pain Kinesio Taping Steps 1 to 3 | Physical Sports First AidStep 1: When you’ve completed the quadriceps tendonitis technique, cut a new strip of kinesiology tape long enough to reach from the top of the shin bone to a point on the front thigh two or three inches above the knee cap,

Step 2: Split the kinesiology tape by cutting lengthways straight down the middle with scissors. Take the split almost the whole length of the kinesiology tape, stopping an inch or two before the other end. Then use the scissors to round off all the corners at the ends of the tape.

Step 3: Start with the knee bent at 90 – hanging over the edge of a chair or couch is fine. Stick the whole (unsplit) end of the kinesiology tape to the leg at about the top of the shin bone, so that the split starts just below the kneecap at about the same place where the tape from quadriceps tendonitis technique crosses itself. (See picture).

Knee Pain Kinesio Taping Steps 4 and 5 | Physical Sports First AidStep 4: Without stretching the tape, take one of the ‘tails’ of kinesiology tape up the leg, alongside the edge of the kneecap and then turn it to come across the front of the thigh just above the knee.Step 5: Bring the second tail of kinesiology tape up the other side of the kneecap and then around to cross the first tail directly above the knee. The knee cap is ‘encircled’ by the kinesiology tape. (See picture).

Step 6: Give the tape a good rub with the flat of the hands to warm it up and activate the adhesive. That’s it. When the leg is extended the tape around the knee should have a slightly wrinkled appearance. (See Below).


Knee Pain Kinesio Taping Step 6 | Physical Sports First Aid

Tip: When kinesiology taping it is best to remove the backing paper bit-by-bit as you go along. The tape will be very difficult to handle if you remove all the backing paper at once.

Another Tip: If you’re looking for a taping technique specifically for patella tendonitis or patella tendinosis, you may also want to see our instructions for the crystal palace wrap technique, or our instructions for patella taping using rigid tape.

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