Finger Taping to Stop Bending

For certain finger injuries such as sprains, you may need to hold the affected joint of the finger straight so it heals properly. Here’s a simple technique for taping an injured finger to hold it straight.

This taping technique limits movement of middle joint of the finger (proximal interphalangeal, or PIP joint) by preventing it from bending. It is straightforward to perform and requires only zinc oxide tape. However, it can be fiddly to tape your own fingers so you may need someone to do it for you.

Equipment Required


Step 1: Hold the hand and fingers out with the back of the hand up. With the zinc oxide tape, circle the finger once just above the PIP joint as pictured. The tape does not need to be tight.

Finger Taping Step 1 | Physical Sports First Aid

Step 2: With the finger held straight lay the zinc oxide tape across the finger at a diagonal so that it crosses the middle knuckle (PIP Joint).Finger Taping Step 2 | Physical Sports First AId

Step 3: Having crossed the tape over the PIP joint bring the tape around the downward-facing or palm side of the finger and up the other side.Finger Taping Step 3 | Physical Sports First AId

Step 4: Cross the PIP joint again from the other direction, so that the zinc oxide tape crosses itself directly on top of the knuckle. (I.e. so you’re working the tape in a figure-of-eight around the joint).Finger Taping Ste p 4 | Physical Sports First Aid

Step 5: Bring the tape back under the finger just above the PIP joint.Finger Taping Step 5 | Physical Sports First Aid

Step 6: Finally, circle the finger with tape once more, directly over the first circle of tape from step 1.Finger Taping Step 6 | Physical Sports First Aid

Step 7: That’s it. Just cut or tear off any excess tape and press down the loose end. As you can see in the picture, you should end up with a cross of tape right on top of the PIP joint:Finger Taping Finished Close Up | Physical Sports First Aid

Tip: if you’re looking for a firmer and more protective solution for immobilizing the finger, a splint might be a good idea. Our Sugar-Tong Finger Splints will protect and immobilise the entire length of an injured finger.

Another Tip: if you need to achieve the opposite and stop your finger from fully extending, try this taping technique to hold the finger in a bent position.

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