Quadriceps Tendonitis Kinesio Taping

If you experience pain and swelling that emanates from just above the kneecap, you may have injured the tissues that connect the quadriceps muscles to the knee. This injury is sometimes referred to as Quadriceps Tendonitis. Here’s a taping technique that various manufacturers of kinesiology tape claim can help relieve the symptoms.

Equipment Required


Kinesiology tape is supposed to last several days, but to achieve this the skin needs to be clean and dry or the tape will peel off. Wash and dry the area thoroughly, and do not apply any oils, lotions or moisturisers. If you have hairy legs you will need to trim down the hair, or it will interfere with the adhesive.


Step 1: Start with a strip of kinesiology tape long enough to reach from the mid-thigh to the top of the shin. With scissors, split one end of the kinesiology tape into two equal ‘tails’ by cutting lengthways down the centre of the strip. Take the split about halfway along the strip of tape. Then use the scissors to round off all three ends of the tape.

Step 2: With the knee bent at 90 degrees, apply the unsplit end of the kinesiology tape down the centre of the front thigh. Apply the tape without any stretch. The point where the split begins must be above the kneecap:Quadriceps Tendonitis Knee Taping Step 2 | Physical Sports First Aid

Step 3: Fan the split ends of the kinesiology tape around the kneecap. Bring each strip of tape down either side of the kneecap, and then around below it. Again, apply the tape with no stretch. The two split ends should cross each either in the soft area just below the kneecap:Quadriceps Tendonitis Knee Taping Step 3 | Physical Sports First Aid

Step 4: Finally, give the kinesiology tape a good rub with the flat of the hands to warm it up and activate the adhesive.

Step 5: From the front, the tape job should look something like this:Quadricepts Tendonitis Knee Taping Step 5 | Physical Sports First Aid

Tip: If applied correctly the tape around the kneecap will take on a wrinkled appearance when the leg is stretched out.

Another Tip: You can extend this technique with a further stage of taping described here.

Physical Sports Limited sells first aid and medical supplies for the treatment of sports injuries. | www.Physical-Sports.co.uk | 01943 662 155

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2 comments on “Quadriceps Tendonitis Kinesio Taping
  1. JD says:

    whats the rationale for this one?

    • Couldn’t tell you, JD. It’s just another technique we were shown by a kinesiology tape manufacturer. We wouldn’t recommend that anyone with a meaningful injury uses kinesiology tape as a substitute for medical advice.

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