Sprained Knuckle Taping

If you’ve sprained one or more of your major knuckles, you’ll need to limit the movement of the fingers while the ligaments in the joint heal. Here’s a straightforward taping technique that will help.

The major knuckles are the joints where the fingers join the hand and are medically known as the metacarpophalangeal joints (or MCP Joints.) The joint has several attached ligaments that are involved in moving the fingers, and these ligaments can be damaged when there is trauma to the hand. (For instance, a heavy impact or falling onto the hand.) Typical symptoms of a knuckle sprain are pain, swelling and discolouration in the area of the knuckle.

This taping technique aims to limit the movement of the affected finger and to support it while the knuckle heals.

Equipment required

Taping Instructions

Step 1: Circle the hand once with the zinc oxide tape. The tape should run all the way around the hand, just above knuckles, as pictured. It does not need to be tight – just lay it onto the skin. This is the anchor for the rest of the tape job

Sprained Knuckle Taping Step 1 | Physical Sports First Aid

Step 2: Start a strip of tape on the anchor at the thumb side of the affected knuckle. Bring the tape up to diagonally cross the knuckle onto the first joint of the finger. From there, loop the tape around the base of the finger, to come up on the other side of the finger. Finally, bring the tape back down across the knuckle. The tape should cross itself on the knuckle. Finish the strip of tape on the anchor.

Sprained Knuckle Taping Step 2 | Physical Sports First Aid

Step 3: Lay another strip of tape on top of the strip from step 2. Follow the same path up and across the knuckle, around the base of the finger and back down across the knuckle. Basically, you’re looping the finger with tape to hold it so it can’t bend at the main knuckle. If more than one knuckle is injured, then add these tape loops to all of the affected fingers.

Sprained Knuckle Taping Step 3 | Physical Sports First Aid

Step 4: Finish by laying another circle of tape all the way around the hand directly on top of the anchor from step 1

Sprained Knuckle Taping Step 4

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22 comments on “Sprained Knuckle Taping
  1. maria says:

    This decreased my pain a lot. Thanks

  2. sara says:

    This helped more than anything else I’ve tried! Thanks so much!!

  3. Ellen Cowen says:

    Knuckles swollen but no pain ,bruising or limited hand function just some stiffness!?

  4. Judi Tougas says:

    mine is swollen with a lot of pain, heard pop when I injured it. Doctor did nothing. said come back if not better in 2 weeks. should have come here a week ago though. wait and see if this helps.

  5. Heidi Robinson says:

    Thank you for the information – very helpful

  6. A Kitson says:

    Put up with discomfort for nearly a month “,just take Panadol ” I was told. This technique gave me considerable relief, will keep it up until healing is done. Thank you for the info.

  7. Mike g says:

    So far it’s is helping with limiting time but I still can’t recover for my championship game tonight. Thanks for the helpful tips

  8. Cory DeVry says:

    Great info. Thanks!!!

  9. Teresa says:

    How long for a sprain knuckle to heal?

  10. nayomal@hotmail.com says:

    would this help if the swelling is right below the knuckle where the tape is shown on step 1?
    Please reply to this comment (not the above one) as I have clicked to receive emails to me on this one. Thank you.

  11. Dimitri N. says:

    May God bless you for taking the time to post this, it is exactly what I needed.
    Thank you!

  12. 264zn says:

    How long should you leave the strapping on the hand at any one time?

    • To be honest, this technique doesn’t cover that much skin so you’re probably OK to leave it on all day. Just keep an eye on the condition of your skin and give it a rest from the tape if you notice any irritation.

  13. Kev says:

    How do do this taping technique on my pinky knuckle?

  14. Craig says:

    Amazing!!! Thank you!

  15. Lucas says:

    Just wanted to say by far the best little tutorial on taping i found for sprained knuckles. Tried a brace and buddy taping for a month before finding this, and after a few days already feeling much better.

  16. Lame Lmaerson says:

    what if i’m trying to tape my pinky knuckle?

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